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The Urban Art Museum Call for Artist has commenced! If you are an artist, or you know an aspiring artist, then we have the opportunity of a life time. Calling all artist, working in any medium to submit proposals for the Urban Art Museum installation #2.


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On November 19th, 2013, the first Urban Art Museum Installation was successfully funded and completed.  The public art piece titled Sol Community represents the vision of over 50 donors, and was made possible by $5,500 in donations!  The art installation was completed by local artist, Marcos Cruz, and is a relief sculpture that is created by undulating aluminum panels cut by a CNC plasma table constructed by the artist for the installation.  The individual panels of the sculpture feature the names of each donor that helped to make this project possible.

The installation is stunning in the day, but at night the sculpture comes to life as an LED light show communicates secret messages to passersby.  The plaque reads the following inscription:

“After germination, the sunflower begins its journey toward the sun.  It’s energy, all of it, is continually created and consumed with this singular purpose.  It waits for no one.  It’s life is short, and soon it will wilt and fade, merging with the very ground that gave it life.  Despite its death, new seeds emerge to take its place by tenfold, and they too seek the sun.

Cruz’s sunflower collection celebrates the brevity of life, and the urgency with which we should chase our dreams.  Sol-Community, the first Urban Art Museum installation embodies the aspirations of a community eager to transform its environment and to take action.  It embodies the ideas, hopes and dreams of a small group of people that were not willing to sit idle and wait for their environment to change.  The patrons that made the first installation possible have sowed the seeds for the future, and the ideas embodied in this installation shall endure for generations. ”

-Marcos Cruz

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It is official, the second Urban Art Museum installation will be in Parramore!  We have teamed up with the New Image Youth Center to develop a public fine art installation that will create a monument for the Parramore community, and will serve as an icon that is emblematic of the change that the volunteers of the New Image Youth Center seek to enact.

Please send donations directly to the Urban Art Museum using our PayPal donation buttons on this site, or go to our ArtStarter project and donate for prizes!

The theme for the piece is based on a poem written by an anonymous student of the Parramore community.  An international call for artists will soon be underway to find an artist with an amazing vision for this community.  The selected artist will work with the children of the New Image Youth Center through a series of workshops to develop the piece, allowing the community an opportunity to be a part of this normally opaque process.

Below is the inspirational poem written by a young girl who is determined to realize her dreams:

My Way

Life has its ups and downs!!

But its up to you to find your way.

Peer pressure, excuses and low self-esteem are never okay.

Work hard at your dreams because they won’t just appear.

It’s up to you to realize that success is almost near.

So when you think about giving up, but it in the back of your mind you hear,

Success is a mile away so get your car in gear!!

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The Urban Art Museum ended 2013 on a high note.  We had just completed our first public art project, and had been in talks with a local corporation who was “seriously” interested in sponsoring the second public art project.  Words like bigger, better and more fantastical were discussed in our weekly meetings, but after months of work, the corporation backed out, leaving us without a project or a site.  We had hit a roadblock, but we soon realized that it was a roadblock constructed of ducks, and we knew they would eventually pass.

So after weeks of re-strategizing, we refocused our efforts on connecting with the local community and doing what we do best: creating grass roots public fine art.  We again have a site,  a community (Parramore) and at last we have a plan.

In the coming weeks we will release a series of announcements and videos regarding the project, but until then, please Like! our Facebook page and donate to the cause at ArtStarter.  We can’t tell you everything now, but what we can tell you is that it will be fantastical!

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jason-abbott-abbott-electricA special thanks to Jason Abbott of Abbott Electric for donating not only his services, but materials and equipment for the Urban Art Museum’s first installation.  It’s official, the first installation is now complete thanks to Abbott Electric, but one question remains, what does the first installation look like?  Well, you will all have to wait until Tuesday.

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Shroud of Mystery

The first Urban Art Museum Installation is in place, but a shroud of mystery will cover this iconic sculpture until the big unveiling.  No Peaking!

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Urban Art Museum Installation Party

All are invited to the unveiling of the first Urban Art Museum installation in the Mills50 District on November 19th @ 6:00pm.

The UAM installation unveiling will occur promptly at 6:00pm, so please be sure to arrive a little early. The installation will be at 934 N Mills, between Tako Ceena & Saya Couture. Afterwards, we will celebrate this momentous occasion at Lil’ Indies and share future plans for the UAM!

Thank you all for your support, and please invite your friends and family to the UAM, so that you can enjoy the first crowd sourced piece of public fine art in Orlando.

Please feel free to forward this message to your friends, colleagues and family.


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Urban Art Museum Installation #1 Funded!

The first UAM installation is completely funded!

Thank you to all of our supporters who believe in the Urban Art Museum mission, and contributed to make this project a reality.

We shall see you all at the installation party.


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